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Are We Entering a New Era of Video Game Photography?

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Given that a photograph is already virtual, how do we get our minds around a virtual representation of an already virtual world? As this video explores, video games are changing our perception of reality, and photography is becoming more than just a means of creative expression.

This wonderfully insightful video from eurothug4000 (a.k.a. Maria) explores how video game photography is evolving, going beyond bonus challenges and minigames, to artistic creativity, and a means of gaining a better understanding of reality itself.

Maria asks an important question. To some, a photograph within a virtual world is not a photograph, but given that the boundary between reality and photography is already quite blurred, who’s to say that a virtual photograph is any different if it fulfills the same purposes? Just because what you are exploring is what William Gibson would call a “consensual hallucination,” does that make the resulting photography any less valid or valuable?

Something that Maria might want to explore in future videos is Flight Simulator, a piece of software for which the term “video game” falls short. Photographers such as Eric Adams (check out his “FlightSim” highlighted story) are already using Flight Simulator as a means of researching not just locations but how the light will behave at a given time on a given day.

Are we seeing a new era of video game photography? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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