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Drone footage shows San Francisco actually looks like Blade Runner 2049 right now

2020 is… well, it’s 2020. There’s never been a year in this planet’s history that we can compare it to. But, it’s pretty nuts. Right now, much of California and other western US states are suffering from some major wildfires which have so far killed at least 23, destroyed hundreds of homes and caused over 500,000 people to evacuate.

The fires seem more intense than in previous years and has actually caused some cities, like San Francisco to resemble scenes from the movie Blade Runner 2049, as the drone footage above from YouTuber DoctorSbaitso shows. If you watch the Blade Runner 2049 trailer from 58 seconds in, you’ll see exactly what people are talking about.

The footage was shot using the DJI Mavic Air 2, at 11am on September 9th, when it would normally be quite bright and sunny. But the fires in combination with fog have turned things very dark and very red. In fact, it looks so much like Blade Runner 2049 that another YouTuber by the name of terrythethunder has set the footage to music from the movie.

He isn’t the only one to make the comparison, either as Twitter is being flooded with similar side-by-sides.

Other parts of the western US are starting to see similar sights now, too. But don’t all grab your cameras at once, hoping you can recreate some movie scenes. And if you feel you must venture outside with your camera, then be careful. 2020 isn’t over yet!