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Interview: Canon addresses overheating concerns, workarounds and the Cripple Hammer

Johnnie Behiri from had the chance to interview Katsuyuki Nagai-san, Product Management Director of Image Communication Business at Canon Europe and flat out asked about the marketing and perception that both the EOS R5 and EOS R6 aren’t true hybrid cameras.

Johnnie also touches on hacks as a workaround for the overheating and cooldown times, as well as the notion Canon purposely crippled these cameras to protect the Cinema EOS line.

A snippet from the interview:

Johnnie – CineD: To some people, it seemed as if Canon was trying to protect their professional EOS camera line by restricting recording times. That might have caused some trust issues between potential customers and the company. Is there anything you would like to highlight in order to reassure people that whatever was done, was not intentional but to technically protect the camera?

Katsuyuki Nagai-sanCanon: This is an accusation we’ve seen before which belongs on the conspiracy theory pile. It is simply not a sensible business idea as users are more likely to switch to competitor systems than buy a much more expensive camera to get a certain feature.

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