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Anton/Bauer announces compact new batteries to power your video rig

Having been around since 1970, if there’s one thing Anton/Bauer knows, it’s batteries. And they’ve just expanded their product line with a range of new smaller and slimmer batteries for monitors, follow focus units, lighting as well as cameras themselves. The new additions to the Anton/Bauer lineup include the Titon Base, Titon SL, Titon Micro, and GO 90.

Titon Base

The Titon Base, as the name suggests, acts like a base between your camera and the tripod below. It features a quick-release plate on top allowing you to easily remove your camera for when you want to go handheld and 1/4-20″ mounts underneath for mounting it to your tripod plate. It offers 68Wh of power and is designed to provide hours more run time than you’ll get just using internal batteries alone.

The Titon Base will cost $240-299 depending on what cable and dummy battery you might need to go along with it and will be available sometime in October.

Titon SL

The Titon SL is available in V-Mount or Gold Mount flavours and offers a slimmer profile and lighter weight than many other V-Mount & Gold Mount batteries on the market. It comes in 95Wh or 143Wh capacities, serving up 14.4v at up to 10 Amps.

The Titon SL90 will cost $355 (no word on the 143Wh one yet) and will be available from late September.

Titon Micro

The Titon Micro is available in 47Wh, 94Wh and 140Wh flavours, but like the Titon SL is also available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount options. These have a much smaller overall size than your standard V-Mount or Gold Mount batteries for when space and weight is at a premium. These also offer up to 10A, except for the Titon Micro 45 which goes up to 8A – still more than plenty for many camera rigs.

The Titon Micro 45, 90 and 150 will cost $250, $329 and $399 respectively and will be available starting in October.

GO 90

The GO 90 is Anton/Bauer’s lightweight, low-cost battery. It has a capacity of 98Wh and is also available in both V-Mount and Gold Mount. It’s a basic battery for lower budgets, but still offers up to 8 Amps of current at 14.4v, which should easily suit most low-budget camera setups, too.

The GO 90 will cost $225 and goes on sale at the end of September.

If you’re not sure what battery you might need for your camera rig, Anton/Bauer has also just launched a new “Kit Your Camera” configurator on their website which offers up some great insights into the power requirements of your camera – and therefore the power needs of any batteries you may choose to use with them. It also lets you know how long different capacities of battery will last depending on the consumption of any accessories you might have attached, like monitors, lights, etc.

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