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The Joys of Landscape Photography Using a Drone

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In the past few years, drones that offer good image quality have become both quite affordable and portable, making them a great way to get an alternative perspective and create unique and eye-catching images. This excellent video discusses the joys of using a drone for landscape photography.

Coming to you from Adam Gibbs, this great video discusses the use of a drone as an alternative approach to landscape photography. I personally love using my drone for landscape work. One thing that I think is important to remember is that you do not have to use them solely for straight-down abstract shots or very high perspectives. Often, a drone is great simply for getting shots from places you cannot access on foot. For example, I often use mine to get ground-level of shots of lighthouses from over the water.

And the great thing is that many drones are quite compact while still offering good image quality. In fact, drones like the DJI Mavic series generally fold to about the size of a 70-200mm lens, making them easy to drop in a bag and take with you wherever you go. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Gibbs.

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