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Terminally Ill Man Has Livestream of His Death Blocked by Facebook

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A terminally ill man who had been intending to livestream his death on Facebook has had the plan blocked by the social media platform. He is protesting France’s right-to-die laws after President Emmanuel Macron denied his right to voluntary euthanasia and has since ceased eating and drinking.

Alain Cocq is 57 and has spent the last 34 years in the terminal stage of the disease from which he suffers, which causes the walls of his arteries to stick together. During much of that time, he has campaigned for an overhaul to France’s current right-to-die laws, with euthanasia currently illegal in the country. CNN reports that Cocq had requested to be allowed to “die with dignity,” but was not granted permission.

Addressing his 22,000 followers, Cocq took to a Facebook livestream to claim he felt compelled to share his final moments, “so that people know what the end of life is like in France.”

Facebook later removed that video and blocked him from broadcasting live until September 8th. A Facebook spokesperson told the Verge:

 Our hearts go out to Alain Cocq and those who are affected by this sad situation. While we respect his decision to draw attention to this complex and difficult issue, based on the guidance of experts, we have taken steps to keep Alain from broadcasting live, as we do not allow the depiction of suicide attempts.

Since the ban, Cocq has been looking for another way to broadcast.