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Patent: Another stacked CMOS sensor patent

Canon News uncovered another in-depth patent for a stacked CMOS sensor. This is an area that Canon has been spending considerable R&D resources on over the last few years, but we have yet to see a product for the masses come from this investment.

According to Canon News, this patent looks at ways to reduce the costs associated with stacked sensors. In this case, they’re attempting to lower the costs of adding bypass capacitors into the sensor.

Recently, a solid-state imaging device has been proposed that by stacking a plurality of semiconductor components. The solid-state imaging device described in Patent Document 1 includes a plurality of stacked components, the first component is provided with a pixel portion, and the second component is provided with a read-out portion for reading out a signal from the pixel portion. .. In addition to the first component and the second component, a component dedicated to the bypass capacitor is further laminated.

However, the solid described in Patent Document 1 In the image pickup device, a component dedicated to the bypass capacitor has to be laminated, which causes a problem that the manufacturing cost increases. The present invention has been made in view of the above problems, and it is an object of the present invention to efficiently arrange a capacitance portion while suppressing an increase in manufacturing cost.