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9 Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Photos With Flash in Studio

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No doubt, any photographer who plans to work in a studio will need to learn proper artificial lighting techniques to realize their creative visions, but flash comes with its own pitfalls and challenges. If you are struggling or new to such techniques, this fantastic video will show you nine mistakes to avoid and how to fix them.

Coming to you from Karl Taylor, this excellent video discusses nine mistakes that are commonly made when working with flash and how to avoid them. Of them, I think one that a lot of us are guilty of is being afraid to get really close with a modifier (as in just a few inches away). It can definitely feel a bit weird to put a six-foot softbox right next to your subject’s face, but that can give you results that simply are not possible from any other setup by giving you a giant, soft source of light that wraps around their facial contours in a very flattering way. Do not be afraid to really experiment with your light positioning, as you might be surprised by the results you can get from setups you haven’t tried. Check out the video above for more from Taylor.

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